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Prezidential Candidates - Fine Night

[Verse 1: Prez]
It's the fuckin' presidenta, here's the agenda
You and me head out to dinna, then split a Swisha
Call you bitch-a, you can call me mista
We can both, toke on the spliff-a, head to my crib-a
Okay here's the driveway, slow down and glide in
Trojan soldiers in my horse dick, now let me slide in
Hop on pop and ride it
Actin' like you hit the high board, you swan divin'
Arms spread, like you flyin'
It's gonna be a good night
Make this night big like Suge Knight
Get high like satellites when the moon's bright
Listen ho, head back to the crib, pronto
Nitrous engages, I'm whiter than O.J.'s Bronco
Been inside more hotel rooms than Travelocity
Got haters feelin' animosity, uh
And they can drop dead like jumpers do from high rises
I'm gettin' high like gas prices

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi]
I hear the bass poundin' or maybe it's the bed shakin'
It's maracas all night, nextdoor neighbors be awakenin'
It's gonna be a fine night tonight, it's got me thinkin'
What did I get myself into? Like a murderer who was heavily drinkin'
We don't have to drink our problems away but we drink fast
Shot after shot, we'll finally see who drinks 'til their livers can't last
Party starters doin' party favors, and we get it in with different chasers
So don't forget to put the blunt to the face and keep rollin' some more papers
High drivin' makes me go speedin', in the back I hear girls screamin'
Slidin' to the edge of my seat, cuz my body barely breathin'
I'm feelin' heavenly especially with this chemistry
I'm not talkin' "Breaking Bad" but this girl's talkin' intimacy
She likes to hear what comes out of my mouth when I go all out
Well I like hearin' what comes out of her mouth when I go down south
This girl's sayin' she's never done it before so it's time to deflower
Her roommates comin' home soon so I gotta go quick, it's a Rush Hour