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Prezidential Candidates - Go 'Head (Remix)

[Verse 1: Nasty Boi]
Shake it, shake it, shake it for me
Wiggle it down and go ahead, do the bobble-head
Shake, shake, shake, get the beat flowin' right through ya
Can't believe the bitch all on it, like peanut butter on bread
I ain't goin' anywhere but in her stomach
Flip, flop like a pancake, multiple positions ain't gonna cut it
You get on my dick and ride that shit, screamin' "oye, papi"
This is the Go 'Head remix, so go and give head
Slobber right on it, licky, licky, licky
I'mma give you that sticky
Deepthroat while I choke you
See how much can go down, no one's ever been able to take all of it
Give this shit a try, cup my balls like you were holdin' a baseball
Swing 'em back and forth, make 'em jiggle, jiggle, jiggle
Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, daddy's almost there, kaboom
Whoops I busted in ya ass, that's something that I can't pass
My little soldiers as thick as molasses
My men have been in every pussy of the atlas

[Verse 2: Prez]
The thing that piss me off the most about these women
Is they all only care about what cars I've been in
"You met Paul Pierce and that rapper Kid Cudi?"
I lie, tell 'em yes, and they line up to fuck me
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley? Ashley, Hil', or Geoffrey?
Baby we can get frisky, I promise I'll do it gently
Let me ride like the good doctor in '92
Go ahead and make my day and I will put a hole in you
You can jerk like them New Boyz or teach 'em like A.P
Me and DPalm ain't dancin' we spendin' that money
Gettin' real low on the floor girl, I like dat
Let a player know you a ho and, I'll buy dat
(Boi) We gettin' crunk tonight
Every number in my phone called drunk tonight
(Boi) You don't even know what I mean
Checkin' out every bottom in them tight-ass jeans
Ain't no ring on my finger
And even if there was my mind wouldn't really linger
Just shake that thang and let a player know
We can play Farmville, you the perfect role for a ho
Haha (bitch)