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Prezidential Candidates - I Am Your Leader (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Let me start it off right, I got a blunt in my mouth
And your girl sleepin' over, I got that cunt in my house
Pardon my language, I do not mean to offend
This kush is just like a flight, we get high and then descend
We trippin' on shrooms, we the Mario brothers
And I'm in this bitch womb, that's the scenario, fuckers
It's implausible to stop me, it's impossible to top me
Your girl's conjugal around me, I'd kill myself if I was not me
Your girl's pussy I loosen, I'll cum right in her eye
Like that contact solution, now them eyes ain't dry
Take her on a shopping spree, then she drop to her knee
Man, if this happened to me, I'd go on a shooting spree
Spree? Spree? She see them dollar signs
And she does what I desire, every girl I get a dime
Big tits and her ass soft
Like Ricky, she gon' fall from the back shots (haha)

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi] COMING SOON