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Prezidential Candidates - Keys

[Verse 1: Prez]
It's purely Prezidential, better mind my wise words
A dog up out the kennel, a bitch you better hide yours
Keychain full, yeah I'm always makin' music
When she reached down my pants, shawty think she felt a broomstick
Ben Franklin speakin' to me, I think my head be haunted
Prezidential conversations, yeah I guess the dead be talkin'
I got keys to the safe, and keys to the convertible
You haters see me shinin', my money is observable
My grind is confirmable, your money ain't returnable
Diss me over there, and over here become murder-able
My DJ spinnin' records in the clubs got 'em rockin'
The key to club music is drugs, we gets it poppin'
We get high every day, don't take a break for nothin'
When my girl be smokin', then she gets to shakin' somethin'
And I ain't talkin' keys man, you can wait and see
We make the seventh letter, believe we makin' g's
Flawless Tracks on the beat, droppin' facts, yeah this heat
This so hot, like the cleats, on the winnin' teams' feet
Damn, let the j burn slow, pass it 'round dawg
Professor Prez KT, class is on ya'll
Key to the jet ski, key to the deposit box
No one touch my money, just installed some pocket locks (haha)
My wallet costs more than your wallet contains (yeah)
My pockets laugh, yours complain (hahaha)
[Outro: Prez]
I said my pockets laugh, yours complain
That's insane (that's insane)
Hahaha what the fucks good my homies?
What up Nasty? I see you
(Prez, Nasty Boi, Prezidential Candidates)
What up weed smokers?
All my Prezidential fans, thanks for the support man (yeah)
We be on our grind (yeah)
Some more music comin' soon (oh, definitely)
You can check us out on Twitter, @PrezCandidates
"No Beat is Safe" comin' soon