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Prezidential Candidates - La, La, La (Mac Miller Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Uh, look
It's the young Bostonian, askin' "Is he stoned again?"
No shit, come one, come all, and bring a friend
I'm unstoppable like Miami with the triple threat
Show me your love and I promise you this will never end
Girls stay on me, like Old Spice, up on armpits
And you're just wondering what it takes to see a broad's tits
Well first lose the pocket protecter
Ditch them nerd shades, and stop wearin' Christmas sweaters, ha
My adivice to all the homies is get deep in the game
Meet a million different girls and don't remember one name
I see you standin', wavin' outside my train
But I'ma act like I didn't see you just because I know from the past you's a lame
OK, my name is Prez for a reason, I'm high in office
And I ain't talking 'bout the Oval either, haha
But seriously man, fuck with the kid
'Cuz you know I'm killin' it, similar to Texas oil, yeah I'm drillin' it
You feelin' this superior flow, I'm breakin' the mold
And I'm excited to see what my fuckin' future will hold


So I sing like laa
Laa, laa
Laa, laa
Laa, laa