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Prezidential Candidates - Lord, Lord, Lord (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Bringing the immaculate, it's spectacular
If Prez is dropping verses what else could you be imagining?
This is what's happening, I order four bottles of Ciroc
Knock on your door and kick your faggot-ass asses in
Then I make my way to the bed, I see your girlfriend or your friend
That's a girl chilling, I'm making her your ex
I ain't talking second base, I'm talking sex
She scuba diving on my Magnum latex, her ocean is staying plenty wet
I'm stacking money, not twenties
I bet you once I fuck her she never forget, and you forever regret
That you waited and debated, while I got the girl you love in a deep sweat
Now she in a deep rest, Sleeping Beauty on the bed
And dreams of me pounding her pussy playing in her head
Dreams of me pounding her pussy playing in her head
They should call me Nasty Prez
'Cuz I got the master key to every chastity belt
Haa, haa, yeah chastity belts
I unlocked the vault, and got the masterpiece wet
And that was the end
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was the end

[Chorus: Prez]
Lord, Lord, Lord
What have I become?
Lord, Lord, Lord
My morals are undone
These evil ways
My evil ways
Will send me to Hell
Will send me to Hell