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Prezidential Candidates - Me & U (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Aye ma, you lookin' like a million bucks
Only beauty in the club, I ain't fuckin' with sluts
Get your purse, get your slip for the coat closet
My crib the ocean, then damn right the boat's rockin'
Fuckin' on the hardwood floor, hard wood
You pulled my card, and the card's good
Ha (ha)
On the wall, turn around and slide off your drawers
Lace panties got me whisperin' thanks to God
Say "Ah" like Fabo and Trey said
Lay you on the bed, kiss you from your lips to legs
Shake them hips and give me head, what you brain dead?
Got me bustin' like icing on a wedding cake
Aw, for Christ's sakes, I ain't fuck wit lightweights
Quittin' after one hit, acting quite baked
I do it like a pro, got you screamin' for more
Bet you weren't dreaming 'bout this, on the dance floor

[Hook: Prez]
Now it's me and you
Girl quit playin'
Let's go head up to my room
It's gonna be a long night
Now it's me and you, now
Girl quit playin' (Hey)
Let's go head up to my room
Girl, it's gonna be a long night

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi] COMING SOON