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Prezidential Candidates - One More Road To Cross (Remix)

[Intro: Prez & (Young Don)]
Oh shit
It is, it is
Prez KT, DPalm a.k.a. Nasty Boi
Whoo, yeah, yeah
And my motherfucker, Young Don
(Yeah, hi, ya'll just pussy)
We goin' straight to the top homie
Get the fuck back
Drop that, let's get 'em

[Verse 1: Prez]
Okay, my name is P, plus the R, plus the E, and the Z
I'm unleashin' the heat that keeps you out of the street
Like a blazin' sun ray hittin' tops of heads
And short skirts on girls legs, and I'm goin' straight in (Ding)
Top floor, the models on the floor
Been there, done that shit, but I still need more
The money piled up, I push it 'round with a broom
Tossin' money out the windows 'cuz I ran outta room
Sittin' on leather couches, quiet as mouses
'Cuz they know my dick is gonna go where their mouths is
Say "Aah", no hands man
Grabbed her by the waist, put her in a handstand, fam
Bland store brand, I'm high-end
You boring, I spy hens
Ten chicken-heads cluckin' at the same time
You copy and paste, pasting the same rhymes
Your shit's unoriginal, I'm breakthrough
If you got a fuckin' problem, I'll break you
A corpse I'll make you, before I force you to
Open up the safe dude, or they'll replace you
Grab the watches, the jewelry spotless
Take this diamond chain, and don't drop this
Federales watch us, snipers might pop us
But if we die, we die rich, ya'll ain't got this
One more road, one more lane change
One more chess piece, part of the game man
What's tha game plan? Roll up a blunt man
Dutch in my right hand, bud in my other man
Turn on the ceiling fan, let the smoke clear out
Tinted windows, crack them shits, let me peer out
This'll blow your ears out, haters get the fuck out
Smokin' purp, 'til we feel our fuckin' lungs puffed out