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Prezidential Candidates - Paid In Full (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
I'm spittin' like a cobra, this world, I'm takin' over
Sittin' sideways on the corner 'cuz I'm smokin' o's of doja
Life ain't a game, quit runnin' 'round like you Master Chief
You got the game on lock? Well I'm a master key
I'm sendin' texts to your girl, but I am limited
I just sent "s my d", but she is gettin' it
Believe she gettin' it, you know why I am stressin' this
You dudes is like a chaperone, yeah you dudes is stressin' bitch
Learned my lesson bitch, fooled me once, but not again
Fuck any promoter who's only down for promotin' him
My dudes in Cambridge be tellin' me "You can do this"
My haters Alicia Silverstone, they clueless
He nasty, boy but I still call my dawg DPalm
These girls wanna have my baby, fuckin' teen moms
Kentucky Fried Chicken, I'm fuckin' fine women
A nickel and five pennies, I got these dimes spinnin'
All I'm doin' is winnin', I think T-Pain is singin'
It's just a voice in my head, these shrooms got me grinnin'
To conclude my verse, I wanna get rid of this thirst
Ten shots of 151, somebody call the nurse
Somebody call the nurse? Man up, kill the cup
Groupie walk in the club, man up, drill the slut
That's fucked up, go chew on a bar of soap
My dick is so big, she swallowed it and she overdosed
[Verse 2: Nasty Boi]
Well I'm just a typical kid with a mouth, but no lid
Don't you hear these words I'm spittin'? They're explicit to kids
Badly beatin' beats up, blunt' blowin' bitches bow
Weed weakens women who wave while I wow
Brain's in the state of mind where I cannot tell the time
Time's going slow, so I gotta speed up my rhyme
Handin' it down, where is my crown? Feelin' no frown, rockin' the town
Turn it around, while I pull down your gown, make you wetter so I can drown
Cleverness is etiquette so why you stress of it?
Rapping on stage in front of crowds next to Connecticut
It's not a coincidence the difference of mistress
In a building the distance closes up its instant brilliance
Time to get back on track like Usain Bolt's attack
The fact that weed made me rap opened my mind to a lotta yack
So I block out the people who want to talk smack
Rihanna shoulda taken my advice, cuz in the end she got bitch-slapped
Ladies, listen to your man, men, listen to your lady
The consequence is devastating, she 'bout to have a baby
But it's not yours, she's just a cheating whore
I told you, you should have listened, now some other guy is in her core

[Outro: Nasty Boi]
Let the bitch sing (let the bitch sing)
Let the bitch sing (let the bitch sing)
Let the bitch sing (let the bitch sing)
Let the bitch sing (let the bitch sing)