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Prezidential Candidates - Pittsburgh Kidz Get The Biz (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Fuck a dude wit some assumptions, like I don't know how to function
Try to follow these instructions, while I take rap and destruct it
I'm the professor I'm discussin' rap's destruction, this discussion
All your points I am deductin', just go home, this is expulsion
If this your first semester, welcome to your first adventure
If your attitude's whatever, maybe I'll have to suspend ya
We ain't studyin' ecology, economy, geometry
We studyin' how to become a big star, but not astrology
We learnin' how to make it big, but this takes research
Come into the light, from the darkness we must emerge
From the underground, a bunch of white kids who underdogs
We eager to take this fuckin' muzzle off, I think we rubbin' off
Came from jottin' lyrics in a five-subject notebook
Now we got five hundred dudes tryin' to help promote us
Datpiff, comin' soon, WorldStar, comin' soon
The Prezidents are supernova status, superstars dude
Yeah, so if you give a fuck
Spread the word, Prezidential movement on the up and up
We just tryna get our paper up, is that a problem?
And shout out to everybody on Rostrum, you fuckin' awesome
My rhymes are tighter than a condom when it's stretched to the bottom
Of a bitch's slalom, when you deflowerin' a fresh blossom
This a alteration, there's no need for any altercation
Been contemplatin' this modification for the hip-hop nation
I'm spittin' like I got a severe case of mental retardation
My herbal sedation lacks what I need for pure intoxication
But enough with all this dictation
Look down at this bitch I'm in her jaw, like "Hey bitch, how the fuck my dick tastin'?"
Let's blackout, drink 'til I forget my name
The kush I just rolled is E.A., it's in the game
Haha, fuckin' wit "Pittsburgh Kidz Get The Biz"
I'm just tokin' on a sophomore spliff