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Prezidential Candidates - Pretty Girls (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Man, who said the party wasn't bumpin'?
Whoever told you that was lyin' about somethin'
The bar is passin' bottles, money comin' like the lotto
And they drummin' on the hollow buckets, show ain't over 'til it's bravo
On occasion, the place gets exciting and inviting
After we show out, grab a girl, and the whip, and ridin'
'Cuz we all alcoholics, and we all smokin' ganja
The beer flowin' like water, Louie bag with the Prada
I ain't a party starter, but I'm a party ender
'Cuz after I drink a bottle, wave my flag and surrender
If you a pretty girl, I'mma hit on you, like Tyson
Actually that's kinda frightening, but you'll cum quick like lighting
I'll be the thunder, shake the whole bed
The lights may flicker, your face feels red
On the topic of face, girl, I'm expectin' somethin'
Gimme that Marvin Gaye, yeah gimme that good lovin'