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Prezidential Candidates - Prezidential Cypher

[Verse 1: Prez]
Driving 'round the city with my windows down and system up
With a couple bitches who sipping, I'm tryna twist one up
They phones ringing over and over, so I think the gig is up
They toss 'em in they purses and drinking like they don't give a fuck
I'm racing an Audi A8 and dammit I'm fucking losing
My fucking foot on the floor, and dammit this thing's barely moving
So high that I'm parachuting, game of life and you just losing
You gonna need barometers to find out what my altitude is
You laughing 'cuz how the fuck am I doing this? I'm just a kid
I'm telling you everything we do, like I star in "Skins"
We hard, going hard, and guess what? We barely begined
Dammit, begun, goddamn, I can't feel my lips
She says, "I can't feel my hips", "Well tell me if you feel this shit"
She says, "Is that a Louisville slugger?" I say, "Bitch that is my dick"
Girls coming home after the club, they packing toothbrushes
Boyfriends mad, well guess what? That's the truth fuckers
I said, that's the truth fuckers, smoking sour in the booth, ruckus
Trouble making motherfuckers, dropping money, fuckin' stuntin'
Wooden chain around my neck, Nike air, Nike sweats
Money wrapped in rubber bands, bouncing when I run up steps
Jahlil Beats, holla at me, what the fuck is good?
These bitches eying me, and I'm just wondering if I should
Take 'em home wit me, smoke until we stoned hippies
Inhale and pass it 'round then she lickin' my dome quickly
I'm checking my phone bitches, I'm texting my old bitches
Come one, come all, I fetch to throw bitches
Watch the throne bitches, I ain't talking Hov and 'Ye
I be talking underground, talking Nasty Boi and Prez
But we ham, this ain't Kosher, I'm spitting, nah this ain't over
Still bitchin'? Get hanged over, man, your life's over
I need some Gatorade, fed up with these gay charades
Go eat shit, like haters say, push you on a hand grenade
And you know Nasty Boi up motherfuckers
So you better put on a motherfucking seat belt
And prepare yourself for the motherfucking ride of your life
Nasty Boi! Get 'em!

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi] COMING SOON