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Prezidential Candidates - Public Enemies

[Intro: Prez (talking)]
Prezidential Candidates
Formally invite you to
The premier night of
"Public Enemies"

Thank you, thank you
Please take your seats
The show will begin soon

[Verse 1: Prez]
I'm Al Capone with a Tommy
Identifying bodies is hard, I make 'em sloppy, and murders gon get copied
Mad dudes gon end up dead
In the streets erupts bloodshed, the food chain gets fed
Enough with all that fake-ass gangsta talkin'
If you bullshit me I'll have bullets in your back, when you walkin'
Or have your ass facin' the Atlantic
Children hidin' up in attics, wives actin' all frantic
Public enemies is what you see in me and D
We robbin' mad people of money and dealin' C
Prescribe vitamin B to all the haters
That means I give 'em bullets to chew on, and stack 'em in layers
To all you fake players, my missiles attached to radars
And blow up buildings and cars from very far
Johnny Dillinger and John Gotti reincarnated
If dudes in the group gettin' jaded, they gettin' faded
It's like Bonnie and Clyde, minus the vagina
We use undetectable guns, made in China
But nothing shoots better than my fuckin' Tommy gun
I shoot at enemies, and they duckin' when they run
Signed a fuckin' death wish like my name was Charles Bronson
And I show no mercy to homies, like "Bumpy" Johnson
Dutch Shultz was a pussy, compared to the reign of Prez
While I rob banks in under a minute and thirty secs
Still bad to the bone, unsigned but we known
Never knew a king to reside so thoroughly in his thrown
Gonna rock and roll the charts
I can feel it in my heart, speakin' of my heart, dudes seperating body parts
It's like the St. Valentine Massacre up in this bitch
Wife come home in the kitchen, flip the switch
Screamin' like Max Cady's chillin' in the kitchen
But this ain't Cape Fear, this is actually livin'
People end up in jail, some people will be alright
But if you talk, we goin' after your mother, we own the night
Don't talk to police, don't deal with the feds
Have a nice hunting wall, my collection's full of heads
Many in New York say they made-ass men
But if you squawkin' like a rooster, you gon die like a hen
There's a message in the saying, if you want it, then listen
There's a difference between made mice, and made men
[Verse 2: Nasty Boi] COMING SOON