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Prezidential Candidates - Rack City (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
I, love titties bitch, huge rack city bitch
Too many dudes in the club, back to the crib
It's P-R-E-Z and I came to fuck the city up
Speedin' wit some pretty slut, wanna fuck? Trey voice, yuuup
I'm back for the tenth time
Save your money muthafucka I'ma spend mine
You broke bastards couldn't spend time
If the pen's mightier than the sword, then I behead rhymes
Gonna approach us, while I'm burnin' the roach up
Five-yard penalty you faggot, don't encroach us
Two stacks with me bitch, new rack city bitch
My money's so young it's drinkin' milk out of a titty bitch
I'm in Miami, I see a broad in them flip flops
Hit the bitch so quick her clothes back like Kriss Kross
Damn, that's verbal assault
Damn, this herbal is sparked (haha)
I hit a blunt ten times, now I'm faded
Get the pussy so wet, I guess she hydrated
Damn, somebody bring the Gatorade in
If you don't know that's audio crack, get a hearin' aid

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi]
By the end of this verse, you know I came outta the curse
I'm allergic to livin', put me in a place where it no longer hurts
I'm losin' my mind, with this time flyin' by
I live life on the edge, any minute I'll die
Fly right off the cliff