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Prezidential Candidates - Remember The Titans (Remix)

[Intro: Prez]
This, this, this my fucking shit right here man
This song's my shit
If you didn't know, it's Prez, and uh
It's a movement
So either hop on, or hop the fuck outta the way, bitch

[Verse 1: Prez]
Look, I can dress it up, red carpet, rockin' Gucci or the Louie
But sometimes I dumb it down, black hat, black hoodie (uh-huh)
I got that Pillsbury dough, handful of raw cookie
And Kat Stacks probably got that "Big Momma 2" pussy
I ain't sendin' shots, I'm sendin' mortar launches
My words turn them couch-potato boys into some joggers
Savin' for that fully-loaded Audi A8
Smokin' purp on my date, make the waiter irate (haha)
Fuck them bowls, ayo, pass me the papers
Apolo Ohno medals on my chest, like I'm a skater (yeah)
My girl blow me up, as soon as I get home
She got that Brett Favre textin', dick sextin' syndrome
Head down to Georgia, and I pour four SoCos
Your bitch in my bed, 'cuz she poured Four Lokos
Met a chick, banged her good, I threw a bag on it (yeah)
Plus, my dick's so tall, she tried to hang a flag on it (haha)
I get high, like the international space station
I live on Whiskey Drive 'cuz my whole clique stay wasted (yeah)
Tryna get famous? Here's my advice, try later
Your whole clique buzzin' for nothin', like a vibrator (haha)
Like everybody else, I rock my shades in the daytime
But I keep 'em on at night, 'cuz I'm plannin' on stayin' high
I'm rotten, I'm plottin' on how to get that hot heiny
There's sexual tension like Harry Potter and Hermione (oh)
Scarlett Johansson breasts, with some Megan Fox eyes (oh)
5'5" wit an ass like Nicki Minaj (oh)
Slidin' wit some hot chicks, we home, they gonna lay me (yeah)
Call me Prez the jeweler, every kiss begins with K-T
Rollin' high, now we fly like a G-6
Your girl's wide, fits inside like three dicks (whoo)
Damn right I call the studio the demolition den
Wesley Snipes and Sly Stallone, we them demolition men (Prez)