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Prezidential Candidates - So Appalled (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
I'm so appalled, it's all ya'lls fault
Sayin' I don't ball, when I mufuckin' ball
I ball like Jordan on the court, with a Spaulding
The fact that you lied, is muthafuckin' appalling
Ya'll quit stallin', spittin', coughin'
Can't stand to applaud, Steven Hawking
Your girl got flavor, and she's no faker
After we done, she out the crib like Kramer
I can picture this down your throat, like a chaser
Close the blinds, so the neighbors don't see me spray her
I'ma pass on you, 'cuz her I favor
That means your head great, but her head greater
King Kong, I'm climbin' that skyscraper
Reach into the window, grab the ho, I take her
We ain't doin' no dates, we gettin' wasted
I'm Adam, she's Eve, tons of trees, we naked
How the fuck you gonna say I'm not lyrical?
Show me someone spittin' like me, we got a miracle (ha)
I wish you'd go away, you diseased, venereal
Put me on the game, like antibacterial (ha)
Someday we'll be known from the east to the west
But for now, we are dressed like the rest, to impress
Oh my God, I need to take a rest
Your girl's always in my crib, like she's on house arrest