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Prezidential Candidates - So High (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
The smoke billows from my mouth, makes me look like magic
This ain't a Disney motion picture, ain't no talkin' crab
The herb got me feelin' senseless
Until a light go off in my head, like Spidey senses, I'm wreckless
Off this potency, got my vision half of twenty-twenty
Seein' double the people, countin' double the money
Call me Prez the meteorologist, daily news coverage
'Cuz I predict the highs every day, while I hover
Got my SkyMiles stock-piled a mile in the sky
My fly meter's on the rise, like oncoming high tides
When I get this high, it's hard for me to move
I sit in silence and don't say a word, like the Blue Man Group
We the boys that make your friends learn to roll up a joint
Eat shrooms, drink a bottle of vodka, mix it with cranberyy juice
We some fucked up, straight stoned, blurry-eyed bastards
Call me Prez KT, killin' them, hat backwards

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi] COMING SOON