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Prezidential Candidates - So Magical

[Verse 1: Prez]
I'm so magical, I'm like ta-da
I'm the shit, period, you a comma-
'Kaze, probably cause me to disrupt your party
I do this calmly, nonchalantly, don't 'spect me to be sorry
Is that yo ma-man? Tell him to ease ba-back
Is that yo bitch? Tell her I'll please tha-that
I'm magical, I'm the next David Blaine
One thought in my head, yeah I'm cravin' brain
Open my luggage more magic than Disney
Reefer crystals whiter than the bones that's within me
Tell me to stop drinkin', bitch I ain't even tipsy
Think I smoke too much? Smokin' more than ten chimneys
You pissed off 'cuz your mom's been naggin'
But I'm in my crib smokin' like a dungeon dragon
Word to your mother, sister, brother, and your step-daddy
This a disappearing act, pop these fuckin' Addies