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Prezidential Candidates - So Sophisticated (Freestyle)

[Intro: Prez]
I'm going deaf in the motherfucking headphones
It's P-R-E-Z on this "So Sophisticated"
Your bitch she contemplated
Hooking up with my dick, you know she's gonna face it

[Verse 1: Prez (Freestyle)]
Everybody know it's your boy Prezidential killing beats
Everybody know that I be in these streets I'm dealing it
Everybody know the weed money is coming in, it's coming good
Like your girlfriend, I know, yeah I knew that she would
It's Prezidential, up in your residential
If you wanna smoke a blunt, yell, "Prezidential"
It's me Prez, and yo baby
I guarantee that baby is not yo baby, hahaha
It's Prezidential one more time
This Prezidential freestyling is what is in my lifeline
I guarantee I'm gonna get that money in my lifetime
I guarantee your girl was on that bed giving me head last night
And guarantee she was a dime, and guarantee that head was fire
If I had to rate her I'd give her nine
If I had to rate her I'd give her time
If I had to break that spine on the bed, then you know I'd commit that crime (Crime, crime)
Yes it's Prezidential on this shit
This is off the dome and if you think I'm lying you stupid bitch
Everybody know that Prezidential gonna run the game
When my TV show hits MTV the network go insane
The fucking ratings are gonna increase a million
Everybody know what's controversial is the most popular thing on TV
That's why you fucking women be watching this shit
I'll be washing your bitch, I'll be popping poppin' the shit
I'll be poppin' that clit, everybody know it's
Prezidential on this shit, on this remix
This G-shit, is unbelievable
This remix is ten times harder than your beef shit
You faggots, everybody know you a closet, why you acting?
Your girlfriend is a hoe, like that blunt we be passing
We be in the back straight laughing
Straight stoned off the gas-mask and
It's so sophisticated
Sophisticated, sophisticated
It's so sophisticated
Sophisticated, sophisticated