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Prezidential Candidates - Space Jams

[Verse 1: Prez]
I got my retro Space Jam Jordans on me, but more important
They cost me two stacks, half a 'Lac, year I was born in
I told the punks about them bitches, yeah I warned 'em
Whores in corridors, whose boyfriends would learn to mourn them
But fool, we talking 'bout Nikes, to speak more precisely
We got them Jordans galore, we talking Space Jams, of course
We navigating the court, and now we running the floor
Just like we running the table, my Nikes give me the angle
Jump shot up on my opponent, make 'em trip over they ankles
If the faggot wanna fight me, just don't step on my Nikes
Rip my shirt off my back, do not take my kicks lightly
Yeah, I got them Air Max Big Windows
The fuck you know 'bout 'em? '91 was the year though
Yeah, tomorrow flying Court Force One
They green like golf courses, my verses are forever young
Now where the fuck is Bill Murray?
He's handling my coke, and now I'm starting to worry
I see Newman climbing out of the rabbit hole
He's like, "I'm here to play for Toon Squad", I'm like, "Where the fuck did Alice go?"
He's like, "Fuck! Here come the Monstars!"
And I'm higher than fucking moon rovers landing on Mars
Number twenty-three, funny how I'm twenty-three
Told the ho, I'm Prez KT, immediately dropped down to her knees
Pass the ball to Lola Bunny, she fucking my homie Bugsy
Dunk it on the Monstars, they defeat is looking ugly
Told them martians to go back to they fucking planet
'Cuz me, Mike Jordan, and Bugs Bunny are getting fucking hammered