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Prezidential Candidates - Stand Straight

[Verse 1: Prez]
Uh (uh)
Back at it, you Anne Frank hidin' in the attic (Haha)
I'm outside in the cold, shakin' like a crack addict (Burr)
Ashes to ashes, ain't payin' attention in my classes (Nope)
I'd rather smoke fast or oversee Skip doin' my taxes (Haha)
My life is lavish, weed to chop, and blunts to wrap 'em
And plenty girls wit perfect racks and asses on my lap and (Whoo)
Pass the bong, quit tellin' bogus stories, fam (Come on)
"I forget her name", sounds to me it never happened man (Haha)
They tell me "When you get big, don't forget where you came from"
I'm speedin' outta here like a bullet that's fired from a gun (Bang)
If I get the chance to make it, I won't hesitate
I'm gettin' high but not like levitate, heavyweight
You stressed out, you need to medidate
Or call me Dr. Prez Greenthumb, because I'm here to medicate
I get bitches addicted to marijuana on they second date (Uh-huh)
Tell 'em be here at eight, and not a fuckin' second late
We at Dinero's sippin' champagne
And yeah, I'm under twenty-one, but hardly care, mane (I don't care)
Liquor and weed is what, keeps me sane
I swear to God, if I was sober, I'd be M.I.A. (Uh)
I'd be M.I.A. (Uh)

[Hook: Prez]
You're in the army now, son you better stand straight (What?)
It seems you've lost all your manners, we need to reinstate (What?)
Why you smirkin'? Now you got me irate (I-I wasn't, I wasn't)
You wanna know the number one thing I hate? (What?)
You better stand straight (What?)
Better, better stand straight (OK)
You better stand straight
Better, better stand straight (What do you mean?)
You better stand straight
Better, better stand straight (Uh-huh)
I need my money on time, that's how it translates (Oh)