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Prezidential Candidates - Suicide (Remix)

Uh, uh, uh
Okay, let's do this thing

[Verse 1: Prez]
A good thing 'bout being white is the tan, man
I'm relaxing on the beach so much they callin' me sand, man
Ya'll is bland, man, wrap you in Saran
Slap you with my hand, detach you from your fam
I run train like monorail, you know your girl's caboose?
Well I already been under there, I pulled off her underwear
Now you act like you care
But when she needed a shoulder to cry on you disappeared and I was there
When I needed a booty to ride on, your girl was there
When I needed some oxygen, I breathed her air
Yeah you got me right, shiny chains like I'm a knight
This the club we came to fight, last man standing gets the mic
This the Wizard of Oz? Who gave you my number for you to call?
Who gave you my address? You on my walls, get the fuck up off my lawn
Critics mad old like fuckin' troll dolls, stickin' CDs in my stalls
Push you off Niagra Falls, I'm Iron Chef and ya'll some craw
I groom pitbulls in these kennels, Michael Vick ain't sentimental
First time listener? I'll be gentle, hard to see like Orientals
I'm the last one to call racist, call me Prez, this first name basis
If you whine and you can't take it, open your mouth so you can taste it
Taste it, ha, haha
Bitch, suicide, suicide
Kill yourself motherfucker