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Prezidential Candidates - Summer Love (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Ridin' top down, plus she got her top down
Rollin' through a hot town, never put the Glock down
Down, down, down to the fuckin' flo'
And if I wanna get some girls, man, I'ma grab them hoes
'Cuz I'ma do like every dude on this Earth knows
That if you wanna grab some girls, them hoes get low
Party like Woodstock, but it's 2010
It ain't New Year's, but we can always pretend
Drop the ball in five, four, three, two-
Fuck the one and get your ass straight to an empty room
An empty room, but please, don't coceive a baby
You might get your hair pulled but please don't act too crazy
Let's get the record straight, I'm the guy they love to hate
Summer's here no need to wait, alcohol leads to mistakes
Sam Jackson on these hoes, got 'em deep blue
Michael Phelps on these holes, got a deep pool
School's out for the summer, I'ma shred it up
School's out for the summer, but my credit's fucked
Fucked, fucked, fucked
Like Jenna J, like Paris H, like Kim K