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Prezidential Candidates - Talk That Talk (Remix)

[Intro: Prez]
Talk that talk to me, yeah
Talk that talk to me, yeah

[Verse 1: Prez]
I seen a girl in the mall, with her ass crack showing
Got a booty so big, that her belt buckle broken (Haha)
Her best friend got them D cups
I call 'em two-for-one deluxe
You know your boy had to approach 'em, try my best to get to know 'em
Give it and go, Rondo 'em
My first choice was big booty, but shawty put her hand up
She said she had to meet her man or something
Her friend started laughing, said she heard all my songs
Think they catchy as hell, so I told her, "Come on"
We can do what the lyrics say, we can go all night
Then go our separate ways, it's whatever you like
The ball's in your court, baby, what do you say?
Once you unzip my shorts, you gon' be in disarray
Of course I gotta be nasty, take this cock
And I especially love it, when you talk that talk (Come on)

[Chorus: Prez]
One, and two, and a three, and four
I apologize if I fucked your whore
I know what she like, that long thang
Girl knows how to handle a real man
Damn girl I like it, damn girl I like it
Love it when you talk that talk to me, girl
Yeah, that talk to me girl
Love it when you talk that talk to me, girl