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Prezidential Candidates - Trust No Hoe

[Verse 1: Prez]
Uhh, uhh
Plenty fish in the sea, but I tend to disagree
I was made for one woman, and one woman was made for me
You see? We go through the motions like roller coasters
Ups and downs, two years of happiness, and then the ride is over
The honeymoon phase, kicks in after some days
When your newlywed wife argues with you over a pair of J's
You need to get away, I've seen this once or twice
When you laying in a bed with a woman who ain't your wife (Haha)
I thought I had soul mate, I thought she was the one
But if I settled down in '09 then I'd probably own some guns
And they'd always be loaded, 'cuz you can't trust no hoe, bitch
Whose unfaithfulness, it never really goes unnoticed
So my phone blew up, yeah, I had the red Razr (Haha)
Heard the girl was with a guy in the woods, so I chased her
Truth be told, I wish I never, ever saw it
That day left me pissed off, and also broken hearted
Now I roll with molly, we always at a party
Don't worry I got some girls who's asses way fatter than Miley's (Haha)
I know I'm crazy, I been hearing that a lot lately
I got plenty of time to look around and settle down later
For right now, I got the world in my hands
I'm starting quarterback, under the lights, and your girl's in the stands
Oh damn, (oh damn) you better cuff your chick
Hut one, hut two, I came right on her tits

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi] COMING SOON