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Prezidential Candidates - Up! (Beat The P*ssy Up) (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
I'ma get in quick like a home invasion
Long-term relationship? You gotta be mistaken
Put some oil on your ass, shine like a Dayton
Put some glasses on you, do you like I'm nailin' Palin
I'ma beat that thang up like Victor Ortiz
After I knock her down once she like "More please"
When I beat the pussy up like Ying-Yang
Girl, I'ma make that thing sang
And yuuuuh, girl look like Shaneneh
I get the pussy wet, your bitch is dryer than a ashtray
Haha, Prez stayin' classy
Domestic dispute between my hand and your ass cheeks
If a tiger could lie how many lies would..?
Fuck it, I'ma ask Tiger Woods
That pussy a volcano, I got her eruptin'
Plus she looks like Kate Upton

[Hook: LoveRance]
I beat the pussy up, up, up, up, up, up, up [x6]

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi]
Yeah I beat the pussy up, what you wanna do?
I'ma put you back on the life line screwin' you
Looks like your dear, would put in a hard day's work
And let me see you alive, become something you've never been
You say I'm religious, come and look at my visions
I didn't see God in my future, I guess that makes me an Atheist
Put it in the buns, make it a honey bun
Now come back don't be alone, I wanna come in some
Give you some icing, that's all I see
Wanna see the semen soothe your soul, such a right thing
I had this old girlfriend who was always into fashion
I smashed it, with a fatter ass, than Kim Kardashian
I'ma start to kiss and feel and finger and fuckin'
I got the hands and fingers that'll control you, you love it
Make your body move I'ma control you like a puppet
So the next time you see another guy you say, "Fuck it"
[Hook: LoveRance]
I beat the pussy up, up, up, up, up, up, up [x6]