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Prezidential Candidates - We Back Soon (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Twistin' up this onion, thinkin' 'bout my income
Bakin' like a oven, you and all your friends come
Sippin' on Bacardi, forgettin' what we laughin' bout
I'm lit up off a palm tree, my money tall, my cash about
Ten feet, stackin' higher, don't know how I can reach though
Brimstone and all of the fire, the preacher always preachin' ho
Yo ass like a peach, ho, lemme get a bite a that
Your music like a blank CD, I'ma overwrite your ass
I'ma burial site your ass, leave you rotten in the grass
Tombstone cracked and smashed, we forgot you passed
Jars full of purple, I ain't talkin' jam or jelly
My lyrics, they cut cold, I ain't talkin' 'bout the deli
I be on that NASA shit, oxygen, they plug me in
Helmet filled wit fresh bong hits, I'm spinnin' bitch (bitch)
All this money spendin' bitch, Nike logo on my chest
My girl, she just does it all, Nike logo on her breasts