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Prezidential Candidates - Yonkers (Remix)

[Verse 1: Prez]
Tyler the Creator's a goblin, and I ain't dodgin' or stoppin' crime
I'm watchin' and knockin' out any pussy Robin
My bitch suck on it like a Gobstopper
I gets it hotter than a thousand-watter, wetter than the slides at Hurricane Harbor
I'm spittin' meaner than Katrina
I'm sweepin' sneakers off the feet of all these hair bleachin', greasy bottom feeders
I'm killin' "Yonkers" it's bonkers
I'm on top of the world, your girl drop it all day, like the back of a Tonka
I asked a question, what's your answer?
I'm the hottest in the game from Miami to New Hampshire
And ya'll is cancer to the rap game, a camper in bad rain
You don't belong, change lanes, you muthafuckin' lames

Golf, Wang
Wolf, Haley
(Get high)

[Verse 2: Nasty Boi]
Trippin' over steps, and overcoming obstacles
I'm seein' like I got one eye, I'm Mr. Monacle
Dreams I live for, it's the only time I feel safe
When will God stop fuckin' with my mind, it's called rape
I'm blinded by the ___, wake up and my head pounds
It's like I've been twisted like a blunt, with treacherous sounds
Voices aren't hesitant, to lead me in the wrong path
I know what's right from wrong, these demons send their wrath
Asked my psychiatrist, "Is it normal to wanna go crazy?
My brain's been kinda lazy, I wanna go ballistic lately"
She says, "Don't worry about the little things, they'll all even out"
I'm thinkin' to myself, how can I make her neck into a spout?
What the hell's wrong with me? I wasn't brought up to see a bad day
But all I can see in the future are skies of rain and gray
Wait, what the fuck? How come I can do whatever I want?
This isn't real life, cuz if it was I'd be hearing words of haunt