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Ricki G - Joe Lewis. (The Freestyle) (Ft. Styles P)

Styles P Intro
What up what up what up
You know what it is
Ya boy Styles P the Ghost D-Block
And this is for my mans Ricki G
Long overdue
Its time to give the world The BARS
Time to give the world Da Bars
Keep showing em what hip hop is really about my young G
You up next
We need a classic from you
Lonewulf Records

Ricki G Verse
Fuck a introduction
Nigga I got ties with Russians
Black hoodie black timberlands
Hooks likes a fisherman
Razor edge sharp
Call it power bomb crucifix
Take the game over middle finger fuck politics
Trap America make
Rewind that
Climbing up the ladder Ed Boone Mortal Kombat
Shed blood
We was forced to sell drugs
Throw it in the blender
Dogg food so kurupt
Hustled on corners enormous pockets
Filled with Jacksons and Lincolns
Gunshot wounds
Crooked cops junkies and drinkin
Live a world see a sepia tone
Cuz I don’t see color
I gotta dark vibe
Posted in the dungeon with a plan with my mans
Saying DAMN. we gotta make it
Tryna keep my eyez open like I’m watching surveillance
3rd shift draggin on
Lets get back to the block
But I don’t drink no red bull that money move me enough
Don’t believe in no luck
And I been chasing this dust
I got post traumatic stress I keep dreaming of cuffs
Look into the future praying when MY son grow
He won’t grow to be a nuisance
Living life clueless
Different strokes
For different folks
99 ways crime pays
Profit leave you amazed
I mean
The differentials like a million away
My time to precious for niggas gotta pay me to wait
U Gotta Pay me today!
U see the shells in the case?
Open fire on niggas
You Bet not stand in the way
Poor and dangerous lifestyles
A gift and a curse
Taught me survival in the jungle Neva needed a rope
Shit All I needed was dope
I had no job lined up
They Turnt my application down
But I got fiends lined up
A and B plans
Product in demand
Yeah im servin Scott Hall
Stone Cold in my hand and I got it
Gangways to bridges
Account with the digits
Alotta zeros Robert Dinero
Ima Goodfella
A godfather to the ghetto
Cigars with Amaretto
Black suit switch the cars hearing echos
Alotta sirens wanna catch me
Move to swift swerving through cars
Gran Turismo with the stick
Alotta different phones you know the kinds that flip?
Expressing work thats overnight and feed the junkie the scripts
Lift me up with all dollars
Graduated all scholar
See we was really dropouts but ones that made profit
Cadillac and chevy old skool forgiatos
Low ride in Cali with the gangstas and the Vatos
Hanging with the plug we just building our trust
Commentary god willin
Just call it Bruce Willis
Armageddon flows 98' issa difference
Closer to the end cuz china white jus went missing
Sold it all off
And dem people they steady listening
But I can feel the presence of a snitch from a distance
Oversized black bags lotta toe tags
Its bodies steady dropping from the mags
Automatic weapons NIGGA!
On the porch with a vest
We dont invest into stocks
We invest into tecs


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