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Scotty ATL - Known Fact

(Intro, Scotty ATL)
Time waits for no man, u know what I'm sayin

I be bout my stacks, Ima mack, that's a known fact, I be bout my stacks, Ima mack, That's a known fact
Course I gotta couple niggas hate me on the low, they can't stop dis pimpin cuz a nigga finna blow , I be bout my stacks, Ima mack, that's a known fact

(Verse 1)
Scotty work so hard work so hard like a Mexico, shoutout oj juice got my hustle from the texaco, they be kinda hard other rappers u was guessing tho, I ain't have to sneeze thank the lord God blessed me tho, crush gold on my hand I'm the man kno they look at me, Neva been a fish babygurl ain't no hooking me, wen I'm up heaven they'll gon prolly write a book on me, really I can't cook but I always got that cook on me, Houston second home, Atl I'm so thoroughbred, if she got a chance she gone have to give that thorough head, Kno that it's my time I ain't have to set my watch or alarm you can feel it in the air gar rolled itchy Palm 


Bitches all my bizness, niggas actin like bitches, made me a few bands, designer holding up my britches up, man let's call up bitches, really flex on the scene, caught a flat piped up few inches came back clean, u can Neva hold a real nigga down, it's impossible, u niggas comical, I'll fly you tropical babe, game phenomenal, feel me in her abdominal, dots finna connect like dominos.. I be bout my stacks, chase that sack, smoke the best pack, u can ask my cats I don't slack, in that brougham lac, hooked it up with Trakk, did dat flava in ya ear Craig Mack, work my hustle like that trap, put my city on the map