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Shawn Chrystopher - Bang

(Yeah) Honor roll shit
It's Shawn Chrys, bitch

I dare you to talk more shit
Every time we open I get a lot more rich
And I never grab a girl that's not your bitch
And don't you ever smoke some weed that's not your zimp
Free loadin' mother fucker, watch me kill this shit
Well Cam I swear to you were blood brothers
Shit is getting dirty in this bitch like a mother fucker
Clean this nigga up
I swear he don't want shit to do with me
Nice guys finish last usually
A new girl text my phone says she's doin' me
Now watch what you mother fuckers do to me

Bang on them niggas let em' know let em' know
And if you wanna talk some shit I'mma roll I'mma roll
I'mma star mother fucker let me glow, let me glow
And if your girl wanna come let her go, let her go
Back to the house back to the crib
And I'll bet a hundred dollars she won't tell you what we did
Well I'll take your girl that's the point of gettin' rich
Everybody comin' down like lets join up in this bitch
I bet you know it's me
I'm prolly overseas walkin' round with two bitches like Floetry
I ain't playin' bitch
Think I'm playin' ask your man bitch
She know I stay up in it
And I be on my shit like I stay up in it


You niggas know the deal
Keep talkin' how you miss it like
And I be on my paper
And you been in ATL dancing like some roller skaters
I count money like I count time
Bitch tryin' to come around like they count mine
I mean you damn fine
But you gonna act like you ain't fuck my man the same time


Everybody comin' down like light a joint up in this bitch