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Shawn Chrystopher - Black and White

Spending nights through telescopes, all she do is dream and hope
All we do is drink and smoke, all she do is fiend for coke
This white bitch I went to college with put me up on stylish shit,
Amazed that this nigga here on scholarship, academic, baby, I told you, I can’t ball for shit
After we fucked, I ain’t call for shit. She let me fuck again, why she always fall for shit
She said she loved me, I make her feel secure. Blueberry trench coat she left it at the door
She the only freshman with her own crib. Her daddy dead and her momma live like John Rare
Give a nigga head before the lecture hall, then drop the nigga off in front of lecture hall
She said her best dreams are the ones she always died in, I dig her down, now she called me, took invite in
Conversations were deeper than the Pacific,
She traveled to different countries while I’m stuck here with my effort
And black bitches be asking me what kind of car I drive
She had a Benz her momma brought she always let me ride
She never met my friends, ‘cause I ain’t need the drama
She wanna take care of the nigga, I ain’t need a momma
She’s amazed by my hair and my skill to fight
And tried to take me out to parties that were strictly white
Frat houses having parties bumpin’ Lil Wayne
They won’t let a nigga in, they hate to play the game
So my anger for her race was just too much to deal
Being a black man at the school was just too much to heal
She said she don’t understand what we go through
But she gonna do it too ( if I can go with you)

(I’d go with you)
She said she gonna do it too
(if I can go with you)
She don’t understand the shit that we’d been going through
She said she gonna do it, too, if she can go with you
If you wanna go do what I gonna do
I wish that I was there with you being what I am
And then I met this girl named Lauren, that’s when I met this girl named Lauren
So one time in the air for Lauren. One time in the air for Lauren, yeah