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Shawn Chrystopher - H-Town

[Verse 1]:

You in the game to get famous
I'm in the game to get rich
I fucked around and did both
Now you feel like a bitch
You ain't shit nigga you pissed
Cause this little nigga he on
Don’t let me get in my zone
You know how many hot bitches I own?
I've got hot bitches in my phone
And last name is they city
So when that plane land in that tarmac boy I know she down to get busy
Got a bad bitch named Britney
Two shots to make the bitch tipsy
Three shots to make your bitch lick me
By the whole bottle bet she come with me
I've got sour D in my eyes
I've got Macavelli in my iPod
I've got flicks of your bitch sucking my dick
And its said to be in my tripod
It's in HD, its clear as fuck
You wifed her up, she still a slut
She from the south so she trill as fuck
But she light-skinned so she still a mutt
And her daddy black, you know he missing
She got ass, you know they tricking
They see me and her so you know they dissing
But still run around with Timbaland, this big pimping
You should have been a cop, fuck hip-hop
Oh yeah you hot, cuz your shit pop
Should have flip stock of that zip lock
You bent out of shape and I'm tip top
Cause I'm Shawn Chrys, you know the name
Honor roll, you know the game
I can’t believe you still wear Supreme
Old fair fax with that dub chain
That shit weak, you think you're clean?
Alexander McQueen down to my jeans
You can check the seem, boy its not a dream
Thats dry clean, thats full steam
[Verse 2]:
I'm a born leader
MLK in a wife beater
And white sneakers can’t wipe people
Cause they walk around and I light reefer
I don’t like people
I pray to God that I die peaceful in a white Regal
Have all my people let the white steeple
And play my music through the white speaker
Make sure my mother don't cry neither
Quiet down, I'm a light sleeper
I finally get tired of always fighting the reaper
Nigga you would too, the nigga undefeated
Cause the life that we live ain't one that we chose
I don't give a fuck, I'm surrounded by hoes
I look to my right and I look to my left and I fucking realize that I'm fucking them both
But they never know and they never care
My cases of the pillow was covered in hair
It's blonde, she black, I know she's not dumb
But bitch bring it up and nobody will come
So she lays down face down
Gets screwed up, H-Town