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Shawn Chrystopher - Lauren's Story

[Verse 1]
Remember back in 04 when it was us and sleeping inside my dorm
And skipping classes and tests, ‘cause my heater was always warm
We'd cuddle until the evening, in fetal like we just born
And when the lights would go down now you begin to perform
See, girl, you wasn’t my first, but you was the one that counted
And now I'd write down my rhymes and asking you how it sounded
Your father, he swore he loved me, you mother she called me her son
And you were planning our wedding but I was just having fun
And it hurt, ‘cause you invested and fell in love with a freshman
Who told you that he will love you and knew that he was just guessing
A blessing you had a car, see, I was taking the bus
And you would throw me your keys whenever you see me rush
See, I studied because you studied, ‘cause school just wasn’t my thing
A nigga wanna be rich, ? was never my dream
You told me that I was smart, said “Shawn, you know you’ll make it
The devil, he wants your soul, just promise you’ll never trade it”
And you knew that this shit was real, you honestly were the first
And now we ain’t even speaking, I swear to you that it hurts
I never meant to be malice, I never knew how to balance
The devil wear her new dress, monogamy is a challenge

I swore I never do you like that
I never meant to do you like that
So one time in the air for Lauren, for Lauren, for Lauren
Two times in the air for Lauren
I swore I’ll always be your nigga
And now I’m over here acting like a nigga
[Verse 2]
And I would run your credit, ‘cause you would tell me get anything you need
And signed me over your checks so I can stop selling weed
But something you never knew was that I was constantly cheating
And taking your cavalier to see bitches like every weekend
A senior from Cal Dominguez, to campus is where I bring her
You seen her before you screen her, I told you she was a singer
And she walk around with my hoodie and people would always see me
But I was banking on our trust, ‘cause you would always believe me
Then I would flip it around like where the fuck you’ve been
Keep going until you cry, then acting like your best friend
I knew that you’d never leave, you thought it was me you need
I put one foot out the door, you’re feeling like you can’t breathe