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Shawn Chrystopher - Palm Trees (Ft. Polyester the Saint)

I been a boss, I been a pimp I know you see it
I pay full cost, you went to Ross this don't get cheaper
I'm in the game, you bought a ticket sitting in the bleachers
Came up with the fam, now you marks gotta pay to see us
Black on black Mercedes jeep, G 55 when I creep up
I'm heaven sent, eatin' hella shrimp with my feet
Now follow the leader we'll teach you how the honor roll
Yall running wild for that pot of gold, my Texas homie say take it slow
Make it bang, I'm ready to go to Inglewood
Palm trees and hundred spokes, its all wood

[Shawn Chrystopher]
It's all wood
Nigga that's all wood

Palm trees and hundred spokes, it's all wood

[Shawn Chrystopher]
Real nigga 2-4
My main bitch a redbone, I work her out to 4
Her daddy don't like me, her ma think I'm too cute
Up late night Jimmy on, band playing, no Roots
See we pop shit cause we work hard, sign shit cause we swipe cards
I'm up all night writing raps, and you up all night cause you a night gaurd
Your nick name is Day Day, I go by my real name nigga
Never sent invites but your bitches still came nigga
(Palm trees and hundred spokes) Nigga I put on for my hood
Never wore seat belts cause my pilot fly good
I work hard as I could, never need your help
You can't get investments until you sale yo-self
I'm hangin' with bitches that used to fuck Kobe
They sucked up my nigga, so Iceman you owe me
I moved on from Diesels, sold all my G stars
My nigga play with them 2ks, and I ain't talkin' no b ball
That (palm trees) on mine boy, dodge bullets like Iraq
One finger got the bitch on, now her nickname is iPad
If she know my rap song then I'm guaranteed too beat
My dick hard as concrete, that's slam dunk nigga Dominique
Now I had me some losses, had way more wins-es
Never in beef cause we mind our own business
We young and we getting it, me and my niggas
We never in beef cause we mind our own business
Real nigga shit