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Shawn Chrystopher - The Temptation: Vicki Cristina

Uh, I'm rolling with killas they rollin up killa
Give fuck if you feel us
Fucking white bitches in villas
They dad give em dough, now I'm wearin chinchillas, nigga!
White girl in a swisher, nigga
Give head never kiss her, nigga
Whip out your phone take a picture
It wasn't that long since they call us niggas
I'm calling my nigga you wouldn't believe
Had a white bitch pulling out a black bitch weave
Light skin, eating out her best friend nigga please
Let me, tell the anecdote cause the shit gets deep
Now after my show she came up to my car
Told me she knew from the jump I'm a star
Said that her friend made her late, she ain't get here til 8
And she seen the whole thing from a far
Asking me when's the next time I'm in town
Told her tonight if you wanna be down
Asked if its cool if her friend stick around
She holdin that tree nigga how does that sound

Three (x4)