Sir Bug Out - It's Been A While

Sir Bug Out:

Since man first sin, Nothings changed since
We still sin against him
Since we had famines and plagues
Do we need famines and plagues to make the whole world pray?
Since the commandments been spoken?
If we knew he wasnt joking
Why have they all been broken?
But we cant wait much longer
The enemys hold on this world is getting stronger
Deceived minds are wondering
Who steered them wrong?
Whos responsible for putting them on the track that they on?
The smack they on? Even on the crack they on?
Without Christ, the chance of them turning back, they gone
Twisted minds leading countries
Cities with more political figures
We cast our vote, we aint learn the scriptures
Stocks rise and fall, Markets beat up and crawl
But chart this with a straight line, God aint change at all
Financial gain is making your brain strange and be on top of your game
But yo, we aint playing; True Godly men are a dying breed
While its what we need, it aint how the papers read
We sin daily, yeah we all fall short
But nowadays it seems like sinning is just considered a sport
My brain aint washed, no need to analyze my thoughts
I just recognize the price paid for my new life, bought

Brother E:

Since people prayed to the father
Ego-trip and calling themselves Jehovah, so why even bother?
Since people knew what the word sacrifice meant
We just try to get over what belongs to God, we even try to circumvent
Since we took the word of God to the streets, stuck in four walls just sitting there under them seats
Since being holy meant a thing, even some Christians getting busy before they putting on a ring
We aint trying to point fingers, we just trying to point things out
I heard about couples having sex in church, whats that about?
Seems like we lost respect when we decided to drop God
Having a form of Godliness looks good but its just a faade
God said to be holy cause thats what he is
We should have a greater sense of duty cause now our nature represents his
So whether were called or not, whether folks know it or not
We gotta sure up our levy so we dont flood out our weak spots
Cmon! God told us our speech should remain pure
Some folks cant help it and their mouths are just fountains of manure
He slept with her, she went and did that
Instead of partaking in the convo, we should intercede on their behalf
Thats right, its our fallen nature to be ready to sin
But cmon yall, how many times we gonna play on that violin?
Aint we tired of falling down and having to get back up?
Aint it time to take a stance, seek God and just wake up

Sir Bug Out:

Since we had Sodom and Gomorrah
But look around now, we live in the same horror
Since the rocks were crying out but they might start now cause our praises are dying out
Since Moses led the people out of the land, If Moses was here now wed be grabbing his hand
Since Jesus first touched ground but soon well hear the trumpets sound and hell come back down
Were so hype to separate whats known as church from state
But man from God that wasnt meant to be, wait
Weve been called to be the light so whys this world so dark?
Murder concludes an innocent walk in the park
Back in the days we were eager to see God, you want proof?
Remember the guys lowering the ill man through the roof?
Touch the hand was enough for them back then
But every now and again we all just forget about him
We need to feel the Holy Spirit, let him work this road
And seek direction and guidance to be in Gods home

Crowned 1:

I mean really, start reaching life the way it ought to be
Basically, my brethren, Im saying wake up and smell the coffee
Sorry, destructive criticism is like a bad itch
So place convictional cream and fill the Holy Relief
Righteous step taking, ya brain is the folder so heres the file
Scrutinize the facts; obviously its been a while
Brother E:

Since our kids could go out and play
Now they gotta stay inside and play video games all day
Since you could take a leisurely walk in the park
During the day its intimidating, forget about walking through after dark
Since children lived with moms and dads
Today, if you got one you blessed, I know moms was the only one I had
Since parents even cared if their kids knew God
Nowadays parents seem like theyre part of their childrens squad


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