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SkyBlew - Escape From Planet HATSUTH

(Verse 1)
We crash landed on a mysterious planet
hyperdimensional beings approaching with foreign languages
can't understand it
But my guess, they confused
who are these mysterious dudes? Slightly amused
as I looked at Reimei
Told him we gotta take a ship then dip
they won't mind
he said, "Blew they might be equipped with artillery
earth can't begin to comprehend
we gotta play it cool friend, or this might be our end."
Conveyed speech, but it sounded strange
creature pointed to the northwest terrain
we preceded to walk forward, they followed behind
see a sign illuminated under where stars align
Somehow my mind understood
the images showed a ravenous beast
and we might be a feast, if we don't leave in a hurry
heart racing we started to worry
looking around, now my vision is blurry, dang

(Verse 2)
Reimei shouted, "Blew snap out of it, don't lose your composure
look over your shoulders!"
There was a dome shaped building with glass exterior
ran towards it, never felt more inferior
and hopeless, gotta stay focused
they chased us, strides in superior motions
I open the door
inside were weapons & gigantic machinery
holograms of galactic scenery
conveniently, grabbed the nearest weapon I found
it was a blaster with glowing blue lasers, astounded
I shot as a creature leaped, beam penetrated his skin
then boom! He exploded
as 10 more entered the room
Reimei threw a grenade, silence then suddenly they faded away
pixelated, debated waiting for the outcome
RUN! Then we made it
luminescence of jade

(Verse 3)
Beautiful blinding of ships in our sights
built from materials man couldn't Dream in a lifetime
lights shined, lasers reflecting off the ship
did a barrel roll, pulled the blaster from my hip
There was a tall otherworldly being
created from the constellations
stars covered its body in unique formations
Bewildered, knew we couldn't fight this
flicked the right switch
Doors to the ship opened in a flash
we dashed, "yo flip the switch again & fast!"
I didn't ask any questions, I just started pressing buttons
we ain't dying here for nothing
Heard him screaming from the outside
ship let out a whine
control panel activated, typed destination earth, it shined
with confirmation, timed rumble then the elevation
heading back home, that's enough imagination
we out!