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SkyBlew - Galaxy Walk

(Verse 1)
Abstract brain waves
game genie in a beanie, we ain't on the same stage
leveled up, evolved
the epitome of technique
can't survive in my current thoughts, make the dead sea
Wake up, wake up!
Y'all blinded by generic clones
lovely bones, so they don't get it, esoteric
Derrick Rose, break a leg, who the relics? Know one knows
keep it moving, energy is kinetic
I'm the rose from the concrete, let my mind speak
nah satan get behind me, rolling 9 deep
Angels always beside me, where to find me
in the clouds, chasing happy days like the Fonzie
Keep my temple clean, bottle FIJI or Dasani
contracts getting faxed, bottom line sign me
Higher power designed me, created a spartan
befriended the cold, like Tommy and Martin
Don't care who charting, they ain't Blew tho
Popeye off the spinach, on my Judo
Flipping with the pen, where my kudos?
keep a small circle, got my dog by side like Pluto
you know
Bumping Neptunes, galaxy in my gaze
I ain't phoned home in days, dark matter? Not amazed
Gamma rays on the page, not the home of the brave
rather have us in fear, so we had to part ways

This abstract talk
Jazz SpaceMan doing better than you thought
This my galaxy walk, my galaxy walk
This that galaxy walk, my galaxy walk
Fly talk for the hawks
sky ain't the limit, surpassed that in my thoughts
Watch my galaxy walk, galaxy walk
This that galaxy walk, my galaxy walk

(Verse 2)
Galaxy walk, galaxy walk
Galaxy walk, galaxy walk
They ain't stepping like us, earthlings I don't trust
you can judge if you want, you don't really know
Too clean for the dust, laid back I don't fuss
they don't kick it like us, you don't really flow
Give me space then I take off, setting the tone
my amigos are etched in stone
removed the frauds, electric prone
Infamous, Zeus to gods, protect my own
respect the throne, I'm gone
Moonwalking on a constellation
while you hating in your mom basement
cold statement, freeze
My fro's on
where my super suit? Painting up the ozone
Load songs in the dome, resurrect catacombs
skies my home, new cloudy cologne

(Verse 3)
My opportunities infinite
intergalactic sentiments
breath of fresh air, let me send a mint
give 'em 10 percent, this ain't even final form
know they gone resent, sound vinyl warm
minor storm to a category 4
only winning with the fam, cuz they know me more
Ladies call 'em suave, would think that I starved
the way I eat beats
carved my own lane, bizarre
some might say, I call it the right way
now it's back to the future like Mike J, feeling some type way
Seems the earth's soon to be desolate
so meanwhile, I'ma pen fire
my element is air
Give me space, flow smooth as water
my tribe are midnight marauders
Rest in peace Phife, fighting evil under moonlight
planets align when I write, bring life