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SkyBlew - LiftOff

(Verse 1)
[Go deeper & deeper with me]
to a state of mind beyond our limitations
I done been around this nation, think it's time for my vacation
So I'm lifting off, galaxy in mind
earth just can not fix it all
far as this hurt that I gained, on this terrain
people think I'm strange, told 'em I'm leaving for some change
you ain't even on my brain
I'm just tryna maintain, Reimei on the same thang
'cuse me as I lane change
Count down with a smile, bout to leave earth for a while
some in denial, cool
I'll ascend with style, star child now lifting off
Earth is soon to shatter, hearing chatters of demise
I cant even sympathize, I've surprised the friendly skies
Can feel it in the air, through my beanie
seagulls fly, stars beneath me
look up, that's where you can reach me
never thought life would be easy
but currently society has got me feeling queasy
flashbacks as a young boy
only pastor we knew was Troy
In our spare time, watched wills destroyed
tear another man down just the fill the void
Working hard, never make much
Uncle Sam with them pay cuts
but, I don't really like to say much
they don't listen anyway, safe crutch
from the truth, really feel sorry for the youth
misguided, lies from these guys in the booth
But it feel so peaceful here
planets in my rear-view, asteroids appear
Blastoise revered, evolved from war
refuse to be a shell of my self, soared
to another galaxy, Dreams or reality?
Living out my fantasy

Open up your mind, i'll return in due time
bye, i'm lifting off
I'm lifting off
I'm lifting off
I'm lifting off
[Go deeper and deeper with me]
Ascending our way out of here
leaving our worries and our troubles in the atmosphere
Don't nothing matter here
Except what lies in the beyond
Over infinite we cross, on this trip into the stars

(Verse 2)
Floating just miles in the distance
I already don't see my home
A life that was hectic, is put in perspective
from one glance at these stars alone
I wonder what the weight of the world is
to the space that holds it
and why sometimes I have it place on my shoulders
been looking forward, to leaving this orbit
and with it, what's bringing me down
We'll take off into the unknown
we'll see things we never believed
My hand welcomes you to explore
and go deeper and deeper with me

And we'll be lifting off
2 steps above the stars and we're drifting off
We're lifting off
We're lifting off
We're lifting off
We're lifting off