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SkyBlew - Trumpets In Space

(Verse 1)
Stepped off in the spot with a fresh fit
nice kicks, music for the soul that's priceless
Grooves fantastic
intergalactic jazz clubs, where's the vibes all magic
Beings from other planets, with instruments rocking
all different colors, united like Stockton
Malone, that jazz undeniable
falling in a state of bliss, so right now I'm liable
to do a little 2 step, feeling like a cool cat
Skat a do dat dat dat, they like who's that?
No J Cole
Reimei and SkyBlew make those jams by the case load
make the whole place go up
Hours we don't waste those, taste those snacks
galaxy walking in my play clothes
Whole planet in an uproar
Earth is the sum of all fears, plus more
Just 4 minutes it takes to break the cycle
and bring us together through rhythms, so like Michael said
it don't matter if you black or white
same goes for blue or red, green, we all alike in a way
So let us keep grooving in harmony
hat with the backpack, feeling like a pharmacy
Prescribe what you need, feel alive through these beats
survived though we bleed, you can recognize creed
Kept punching, I was trained in rocky terrains
battle scars in the brain, still I maintain
And do my thang, while the melody serenades the soul
we were made to be gold
Let the trumpets blow, while the stars glow
colder than Fargo, clouds my only cargo
Grandad still call me Marro
I'ma dance through the sorrow
today's my tomorrow
I can see the Milky Way through the windows
comets and nebula, praying for ten-fold
blessings, and my fam in limbo
this a 4th dimension tempo
Time for the simple to take a back seat
no taxi, spiritually I'll give you a lift, if you ask me
Crafty tunes, involving croons, revolving moons
Autumn, hope you call me soon
But for now, I'ma jam with my ace
to these intergalactic grooves, I don't wanna waste
time, rather rhyme to the bass
and the drums, sprung from these trumpets in space
Trumpets in space
Trumpets in space
Trumpets in space
Trumpets in space