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Steve Young - Home Sweet Home (Revisited)

The old town looks deep in trouble
It's looks like it must have doubled
In sin and size since I been gone
Papers all full of killing
Half a million people willing
To die for something they have never known
City streets of trash and junk and stone

Grandfather's watch he gave me
Is just another memory
I have kept the way it always was
And ever since he died, it will not run
I always knew I was his favorite one

But he’s gone like the life of a child
When he turns hiss back on your mind
Tomorrow has no home sweet homes
Look what they've done to mine
Well it's just faded into time

And that old house we lived in
The roof is caving in
Like every other one along the block
Took 20 years to pay and 10 to rot
Now dad just stays that’s better off forgot
Says it’s gone like the life of a child...

But the green hills south of Nashville
Will rock the Harpeth Valley back to sleep
The river takes her winding time
She’s shallow but her thoughts are running deep
And abandoned old DeSoto
Found himself a perfect to sleep
Where all things dwell
And no tongue can tell
The secrets that the Harpeth Valley keep

Yeah the Civil War hit Franklin
Harder than the rest of Tennessee
But a 100 years ain’t nothing
The south will rise again and set them free
Well the winds of old blow lightly
Over the valley where the neverending dream
While the rusty tinroof barnyards
Crumble at the old grey farmers feet

But it’s gone like the life of a child...

Somehow I get to feeling
The cards that life is dealing
Don’t fit my hand quite like the lady’s does
Hers is a touch that I might trust
She ain’t nothing short of diamonds in the rough
Hmm....there ain’t no place like home
Hmm....there ain’t no place like home