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Steve Young - I Begin to See Design

The days are getting longer
Till the whistle blows at 5:00
My hands begin to feel like they're not mine
If I had no other reason
I'd be dissatisfied
For my darling I can't ride this line

From the road I hear the music
Of the honky-tonkin' crowd
I recall the life I used to lead
But I never miss the nightlife
Now that I'm a different man
And the love of my sweet wife is all I need

And there's no more lonely streets
Realing away feeling them
And I don't see oblivion
Out in that no man's realm
Oh the nights are now so much sweeter
As they curl around my feet
And my life again seems like it's mine
And I feel the season's changing
As the north wind starts to climb
And I think that I begin to see design

Yes I think that I begin to see design