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Steve Young - Renegade Picker

Yeah, I was born down in Dixie
And I grew up in the South
Listening to good music
And that’s what’s I’m all about
All I wanted was a guitar, the road
And a good drink of liquor
There wasn’t but one thing for me to be
And that’s a renegade picker

And I’m a renegade picker
Partly hippie and partly kicker
Been around, been around
I may never settle down

And when I was a little boy
They used to make me go to school
But they soon give me up
For a guitar fool
And all the little girl’s mama’s
They used to drive me from the door
They’d say Honey we don’t want
That boy around no more

He’s just a renegade picker
Partly hippie, partly kicker, too
He’ll get around, get around
But he won’t never settle down
Well I’ve played all your honky tonks
From Texas to Alabam’
Well I’ve seen me some hard times
But I’ve been up more than down
Though there were sometimes people
With a gun or a knife
But when they heard me sing
I guess that saved my life

It saved a renegade picker
Partly hippie partly kicker too
Yeah let him go, let him go
Want to hear him sing some more