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Super Dee Tha Kid - You're Amazing

[Verse 1: Super Dee Tha Kid]

I Thought That You Would Never Leave You Would Always Stay
But Then You Left Now I'm Feeling Some Type Of Way
Told You That I Loved You I Know You Heard It
Tried To Treat You Like A Queen I Know You Deserve It
Gave You Most Of My Time Cause I Know You're Worth It
You Were My Only One It Was So Apparent
Together We Stood Out I Know You Were The Best
Then Everything Fucked Up Blame It On Your Ex
All Good Things Must Come To An End
But The Ending That I Pictured Wasn't Meant To Be Like This
I Never Knew That I Would End Up Being Like This
Now Im Going Off Like I Flipped Down The Light Switch
I Thought That You Were Different So How Bout You Show A Nigga
You Going By What Your Ex Said And I Don't Even Know The Nigga
I Honestly Think This Nigga Hating
He Thought That You Were Trash But I Think That You're Amazing

[Hook: Super Dee Tha Kid]

Girl You're Amazing And Thats A Main Fact
Personality-Wise Don't Wanna Change That
Relationship Status Yeah I Wanna Change That
Lets Get Married Honeymoon Where The Planes At
We In A Situation Now But I Wanna Fix It
And Make Things Perfect Like A Game With No Glitches
You're The Only One And God Is My Witness
Fuck Them Other Bitches
Cause You Are Amazing

[Verse 2: Super Dee Tha Kid]

Shout out To My Next Girl
And I Say This Cause I Know That She Ten Times Better Than My Ex Girl
Its Okay because Everybody Fuss and Fight
But Real Men Fix The Problem Girl You Know Its Only Right
You Know That I'm Single So Tell Me Where Your Man At?
Stuck On Your Ex Man? I Can Understand That
Girl You Are The Best And He Did Not Understand That
Thoughts On That One Dude Let Me Expand That
You Ain't Ever Been With A Dude Like Me
I Like Your Personality They Staring At Your Body
They Want You For The Props I Just Want You In My Life
They Just Want you For The Sex I Just Want You As My Wife
Girl You Are The Perfect Type And I Know I Ain't Perfect
I Got Alot Of Time And I Know That You're Worth It
Was Looking For The Right Girl Found You And Stopped Searching
I Know That You're Sick Of Getting Hurt and...