Sxvxnt - Stolen Embrace

Going with a stranger
It's only supposed to be like that in the start
But in our case it was different
Since our feelings were sparked
Several years back in VA
Our eyes locked and we made
Each face
Glow like the sides of a ying yang
And we sang
Cloaked in the sky's evening shade
Though delayed
Several years later she became
And I became
So we claimed
But in reality, see my lovе was evenly laid
Between Babycheeks and another for whom the ink stayed
Coursing through my veins 'til it spilled upon the page
'Til it seemed for my flame I no longer felt a thing
Strayed from her embrace several times throughout the day
And laid between the thighs of the lines without shame
So betrayed the butterfly, I couldn't persuade her otherwise
Or even chase her when she chose to fly


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