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Ten Years After - I Wanted To Boogie

Well I wanted to boogie so we got in the car
Well I wasn't too choosy but then soon we got far
So we stopped in a club and we had us a drink
Well it wasn't too long and just what do you think

Well I wanted to boogie and the band they came on
Yellow Bird very pretty but I don't like the song
So I went for a walk and I followed the sound
And I came to a party and a lady I found

Well she smiled real sweet and she said you're a peach
So she wanted to take me for a walk on the beach
And she told me the breeze as it comes from the sea
Keeps your hard on all night and you will need it with me

Well I wanted to boogie but I wasn't too sure
That I wanted to do just what she wanted me for
So I said I'm with friends and I haven't the dime
So she turned round and said, well come and see me sometime

Well, I wanted to boogie so we kept on the move
And we looked for a place where we could go in and groove
So we went to the Playboy and we hadn 't got keys
So it cost thrity dollars just to go in and freeze

So I wanted to boogie but the time hadn't come
We decided to sleep and then get up with the sun
So we headed for home and it didn't take long
So I sat on my bed and then I wrote out this song