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Th3Rea$on - You & Yours Me & Mine

Prod. Trakksounds

Verse1: Th3Rea$on

Let's not be modest
Your beauty I adore
Girl your love might be toxic
But the sex could be the cure
She's not the typical
Nor egotistical
Nor superficial
She could possibly be beneficial

Verse 2: Th3Rea$on

Run it
It ain't a game
Ain't no time for no fronting
Everything time you with your friends
You the only one that's stunting
Ain't came here for nothing
I came for some loving
Couple more shots of the Hennessy
Later on in the night
Girl it's you & me
5am in the morning
Now we blowing trees
I'm feeling you more than usually
So you ain't gotta leave

Bridge: Th3Rea$on

Girl you need to fuck with a real one
Someone that's gone make you feel something(2x)

Hook: Th3Rea$on

Yeah yeah
You be on you & yours
I'm trying to make it me & mine (2X)
Say yeah