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The Verbal Surgeon - Dutches

Sick of the everyday bullshit
Back on my grind coming at you the minds a full clip
Beats from Norway you know the sound is exclusive
The surgeon on the track providing fuel for the movement
I close my eyes and escape entrapment of flesh
Analyze the road and direction of which I step
Yes, young and blessed you can't hold me back
Thought I told you that, I keep it live like ghetto laundromats
Come one come all and witness excellence
Far from heaven sent yet less than often malevolent
I never chose this, this chose me
Underrated and over qualified I'm ahead of the league
Remain patient and you'll see
This young mind climb to the top and illuminate like sunshine
Made a little of off rhymes and I came from nothing
Spending tip money on my dutches

Don't be a fool the eyes only deceive
That's why I question what I believe you should take heed
I'm a supplier of the raw that you need
Supplying you with a potent dosage through the speaker feed
Let the music play, turn it on turn it up
Grab the dutch, split it down the middle then you fill it up
There's never too much pack it tight until it it wants to bust
In the green I trust, mother nature provide s for us
Steady continue to groove, production from loop holes puts me in a mellow mood
I lay it down on the track buttery smooth
My hearts in it to win it I feel I can't lose
There's nothing I'd rather choose, I was never given options
That's why I choose to abuse mics and never plan on stopping
Made a little off of rhyming and I came from nothing
Spending tip money on my dutches