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The Verbal Surgeon - Fever Freestyle

The flow boils, I'm past 108
I'm a fever causing damage to your mental state
You better stay awake, I'm an angel of death that was sent to take
The spotlight away from garbage radio play
Artists, musicians, rappers call 'em whatever
I devour as I endeavor piecing these tracks together
Holding my head high, I'm faded under a black umbrella
I'm still hungry and only know of this rainy weather
For better or worse, I choose to carry on
The man of demolition forever to remain strong
I'm never slipping if you're thinking different you're dead wrong
I SNAK on cats a RIPPER until I'm DEAD AND GONE
The solution is simple, more weed, more brews
Kill 'em on instrumentals with thoughts from a lifted mental
I promise you don't want to be in my line of sight
Destruction is viscous, but for it I have an appetite